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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I've been trying to get the ole caboose back into shape (one week and counting) -- so most mornings, I head to my friend Carolyn's house and we walk her dogs. This morning, as we headed out, she showed me the egg shells that had been kicked out of the yellow-crowned night heron's nest!!!

We found two empty eggs -- so, I'm assuming we have at least two babies in the nest (the egg shell portions we found appeared to be from two eggs, and not halves of one).

I hope at some point, we'll get a glimpse of the babies before they take flight and head out of town.

Have a great week!

;~) Frances


  1. For some reason when you said you found egg shells that had been kicked out of the nest I had the image of a bird using its spindly legs to literally kick the shell out.

    The wings are held back and the bird is in a fury trying to clean the nest. So she (yeah, it's the mother bird) ends up hopping on one leg as she kicks at the shell with the other.

    No using the beak for her; she's trying to quickly clean for company and feed the new hatchlings at the same time.

    A mother's work is never done.


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