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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wichita Falls Family Portraits | Fun with Nick and Em

Nick and Emily's wedding is just around the corner (June 19th). I am so excited!!!!! These two have been together since high school - so it's about time they tied the knot!

I'm putting together a guest book for the kids -- so I needed to get busy and get some photos taken of them. We started out in the very green and lush Lucy Park.  It didn't take very long before the mosquitoes won the war  -- and we all ran for our lives!   I'm beginning to think that mosquito repellent is really a mosquito aphrodisiac!

We left mosquito park and headed downtown hoping the bugs weren't as hungry!   Luckily, the mosquito population wasn't as bad downtown.

My next hurdle to overcome was Nick!!!!!  I was hoping to get some sultry, sexy -- I can't keep my hands off you pics.  Nick could muster up a serious, sexy look for oh -- about a second!!!!   I can't blame him, as I hate having my picture taken too.

I got a number of great shots of the kids -- thanks to #1 -- the kids and #2 my well paid (ok -- he's free) production crew -- Rick!  Rick is such a trooper!  I hope he never gets tired of lugging stuff around  and being my VAB (voice activated boom)!

We're going to take more photos tonight -- just to make sure I have enough for the guest book,  Tonight's background will be the kid's pool! So -- any mosquito brave enough to come after me -- is getting wet!!!!

Here's to Thursday -- which is sooooo close to Friday and birds that eat mosquitoes (does anything else prey on those blood suckers)!

Have a great evening!

: ^) Frances


  1. Great pictures...I love the sunset in the background!

  2. wow, what awesome photos! well done.

  3. Great photos Fran! Love the background choices....The first shot if you notice that her elbow is pointing directly and leads the eye to your logo...great marketing tool!


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