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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Recreating a memory (and happy birthday Michael)

Yesterday, my friend Michael celebrated his birthday. For his birthday, my bff Carolyn wanted to give him a picture of their sweet poodle Cocoa. So off we went to her office with Cocoa in tow. Cocoa was very patient and worked with us like she's been posing for the camera all her life.

After we took pictures of Cocoa, Carolyn showed me some photos of her growing up.   I loved looking at Carolyn's photos.  What I found so cool is that she lives in the house she grew up in -- so as I was flipping through them, I'd say " ohhhh wow, look, you're in front of the fireplace; wow look, your in the den; or OMG look, your at  the kitchen sink".

I was so fascinated by her pictures that I asked her if we could recreate one of the pics.  She, being a good friend (and not wanting to squash my creative genius), said sure.  As a matter of fact, she was going to give the "recreated memory"  to Michael as another b-day present.

The picture we chose to recreate is:

Isn't she a doll?   I'm sure I had more fun than Carolyn recreating the scene.  Here's what the final of Carolyn at the sink all grown up looks like!

I don't have very many pictures of me growing up that I can recreate (well, I do have one of me in front of the barracks in Honolulu (I was born there -- does that make me a Hawaiian?  NO????) with no shirt and a diaper on.  Hmmmmmmm -- maybe I should keep looking for something to recreate!

That's my big sis Barb standing behind me.  Hey, I still have the same belly!

Anyhoo -- It was fun, and I hope I can recreate a memory again.

Happy Birthday Michael!

:-} Frances


  1. So wonderfully creative. Such a great idea and I think you should recreate your pic Frances - but maybe just keep it for you and your hubby!

  2. What a nice birthday present for your friend! Looks like you had fun re-creating the scene...what a interesting project to start as well and showcase as your signature! Hope all is well!

  3. i love photos like that, recreating the scene. great black and white.


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