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Monday, June 7, 2010

Wichita Falls Executive Portraits | Rick 2.0

I'm sitting here trying to shake a sun induced headache! What was I thinking? I figured I could go out to the lot and weed eat the edges in an hour or two -- easy! Ummmmmmmmmm - 5.5 hours later I was finally wrapping up!

I'm sure a seasoned lawn professional could have done it in an hour or two -- but not this weekend warrior! I kept getting stuff wrapped around it, ran out of gas a bazillion times, and kept running out of the cord that cuts.

Uhhhhhhhhh Rick, I may never, ever, ever volunteer on an almost 100 degree day. What was I thinking. Oh, I wasn't thinking!

Anyhoo -- back on track. I didn't like the picture I took of Rick a couple of weeks ago because I had way to much of the boardroom in it. So, I sweet talked him into letting me take another picture of him after church. This time, we used the first floor landing (entry -- not sure what the proper name of this area is). I placed him in front of a wall that has the states in which the partners are licensed painted on the wall.

I hope he never gets tired of me practicing on him!

Have a wonderful week!

:~\ Frances


  1. portrait looks fantastic. it's nice having a male model, isn't it?

  2. Great job!!



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