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Monday, August 2, 2010

Diary of One Hot Mama - Riding Bikes Day One

Ooopps -- did I mislead you????? Hot as in OMG it's going to be a week of 104 degree (+) temps this week! I really thought we d dodged a bullet this year and missed out on the really hot stuff. Well, I guess that's what I get for thinking!

I took some time off (not intentionally) from blogging. The sad truth is -- I have no idea why!

Since my last post, we've been to Houston (got to see my little Sis Pam and my nephew Keegan while we were there!!!!!!) and Boston. I have zero -- pictures to post from these trips. My poor little companion (camera) went to the shop to repair a problem I've been having with my flashes and camera working together (when the flash is mounted on the camera). Evidently -- this is probably a design flaw -- because I've found numerous posts regrading this issue. If you shoot with a D700 -- be aware that at some point in time, you may start experiencing weird problems because the flash mount on the camera is weak. The problem starts with wacky flashing -- until finally, the flash unit stops working when it is mounted on the camera body. I'm hoping my camera and I are reunited this week -- but who knows. Sob!

I digress -- back to Riding Bikes Day One. Is it a sign of senility when you and your boyfriend decide to start riding bikes when the temperature hits 100 + degrees???? Yep, 10-4 good buddy -- Rick and I picked up some bike helmets yesterday with every intention of riding the trails on our bikes.

This is how it went. Airing up tires -- ummmmmmmmmm took about 30 minutes and a lot of sweat and effort on Rick's part. I have an air pump, but it's been 7 years since I've ridden and about that long since I've used it. Who can remember how to operate a bike pump after that amount of time. Surely not me!!!!!

So, here's the Cliff Notes version of Riding Bikes Day One:

Notice -- the tags are still on the helmet!

This is as  far as we got.  Helmet - check, tires inflated - check, water bottles filled - check, weather conditions -----------.  Uhhhhh, never mind.  Let's do this when it's a little cooler!

It's a good thing we called it off.  Rick called this morning on his way to work -- and I told him that I had a bad cramp in my right calf muscle.  No telling what kindof condition I'd have been in if we actually got on our bikes!!!

That's all for now.  Stay safe and cool!

; ~} Frances

P.S  a huge thank you to my friend Elizabeth and my daughter-in-law Emily for loaning me their cameras (I was about to go into withdrawals).


  1. You're welcome! I hope my camera is working ok for you! Love ya! :)

  2. i hope your bike seat is more comfortable than mine. :)

  3. I had to laugh at this post because I go through the same thing every year with my own bike.


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