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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wichita Falls Executive Portraits | Rick

Hola and happy Sunday!

Mother's have every right to brag - right???? Nick sent me a text last night letting me know that Twice Broken made it over the first hurdle of the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel's Battle of the Bands! They will be returning to Vegas in August for another night of competition. I don't have any details at this time (the band is on their way back to Wichita Falls as we speak) but will update you when I get the scoop! I'm thrilled for the band and am very proud of them!

My boyfriend Rick is such a good sport! Even though he hates being in front of the lens, he's never said "no" when I've needed someone to practice on! I wanted to update his website's photo of him -- so I asked him if we could go to his office after church and take some photos.

For this photo, I used two strobes -- one SB-900 in a Photoflex Lite Dome XS (camera right at a 45 degree angle to Rick), and a SB-600 bounced up towards the white ceiling (camera left).

I think the next time I take a "work" portrait of Rick, I'll get in closer for a tighter shot. I have no idea why I didn't do that when I was there. I think sometimes my brain disengages or something. Oh well - it just means that Rick will have to get out in front of the camera again!!!!!!!

Well, the weekend is almost over! I hope you all had a wonderful one!

:~} Frances


  1. beautiful portrait. i'm not good with portraits and lighting at all. i plan to shoot some photos i can't post and work on it though.

    portrait is fine, maybe a crop at the top, but like you said, sometimes the brain disengages


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