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Monday, May 17, 2010

Marvelous Weekend

Hola and is it really Monday already? Where does the weekend go?

We had a marvelous weekend (except for the part when Michael and Carolyn called to see how the dogs were doing -- ooopppppsss was I supposed to feed them and let them out for a potty break?????)!

My soon (June 19th) to be daughter-in-law Emily received her Master in Education degree from Midwestern State University on Saturday.  She has worked so hard on this and we are extremely proud of her accomplishments!

BTW Emily had a 4.0!!!!!

Em getting ready to walk the stage

To make this day even more special,  our good friend Michael Bernhardt was appointed to the Board of Regents this March -- and was able to hand Emily her diploma!  Thank you Mike!

Em receiving her diploma from Mike.

Em's parents had a graduation celebration party later that evening at their house.  They were celebrating Em's, her brother Matthew's and her cousin Jessica's graduation (high school, college).  Emily has a wonderful, loving family and I always enjoy being with them!

Nick and Emily

Sometime during all  the graduation fun, we ran by Hastings to pick up Twice Broken's (Nick plays bass) new CD.  You can't imagine how excited I was.   If you live in Wichita Falls -- go by Hastings and pick one up (you will love it)!

The group will be heading to the Hard Rock Hotel - Las Vegas this week to participate in a battle of the bands on Saturday.  If you just happen to be in Las Vegas Saturday, please go to the Hard Rock and cheer them on!!!!!

To top off this marvelous weekend -- I finally got around to doing something with the fresh asparagus I bought the week before!!!!  I decided that soup sounded delish -- so I got busy and whipped some up.

After the fact, I sat down and typed out what I think I put in the pot!!!!  I think it's pretty close.  The soup came out extra creamy (could be because I churned that puppy up in the food processor until it was light and airy) and extra dreamy (hence the name of my creation)!  If you have a hankering for some asparagus soup -- give this one a shot! 

Well -- that winds up the weekend!  I hope your weekend was marvelous too!

Have a great week!

:<} Frances


  1. The photos turned out really great!!! I love the ones of us at the party. I am going to put them on my facebook (if that is okay). I think I am going to steal the asparagus soup recipe as well - it looks delicious!

    Love you!


  2. Emily, you rock! Maybe even more than your boyfriend! ; ) Way to go with the grades. I sure hope one of my daughters can do that well in college.

    The soup sounds yummy! Though I'm thinking it would taste better if you made it, Frances. It always tastes better when someone else does the cooking. Well, almost always.

    June 19th is coming up quickly!

  3. congrats to emily. you make a program look great. i love that photo and the one of the soup.

  4. Congrats to your soon to be daughter in law....the pictures are marvelous and can I buy that CD on iTunes? I am going to try your recipe since I love asparagus so much!


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