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Friday, April 16, 2010

The Beauty of Nature

Ok -- to start things off, was I complaining about the rain, gray skies, etc. a couple of months ago?  I take it all back.  I want more rain!

I don't want torrential, flooding rains, just the nice, soft, pitter, patter, soak into the good Earth kindof rain.  Why oh why the change of heart?  Because everything is green and glorious!!!! Flowers are blooming, trees have budded out -- and it's just gorgeous (sans - the mowing the grass duties).

We were slightly ahead early in the year, and now we are slightly behind the average rainfall.  But, (fingers crossed) it looks like we will be treated to showers this weekend.

Before I get back to work -- here's a couple of pictures I shot today -- showcasing the beauty of nature -- all created by our magnificent God!

A Yellow Crested Night Heron that has made it's home in a tree in the front yard of my friend Carolyn's house.  He and his mate appear to be setting up home in one of the large trees.

Here's to a great weekend!

:^ \  Frances


  1. Oh, I am so happy you put the heron on your blog. I keep going by the nest but they have been away. You are a great nature photographer.

  2. Wow! Just look at that heron. God is a genius!

  3. You're first photo is amazing. I love the blurred background, the texture, the detail! Even the little drops on the petals are really distinct.

  4. greetings francis. isn't creation just wonderful and awesome thing. the wisdom and thought behind so many things for our enjoyment just makes me tear up.

    going out to moon watch in a few. love the flower pic.


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