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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Meet Me In St. Louis Part I

Wow!  Is St. Louis one gorgeous town!  Unfortunately, this is what the weather was like during our stay:

Day 1 (Fri)  rain
Day 2 (Sat:)  rain (with some clearing near late afternoon).  Tornado warning (sirens and all)
Day 3 (Sun)  mist, rain, cloudy skies
Day 4 (Mon)  mist, rain, cloudy skies
Day 5 (Tues)  mist, rain, cloudy skies

Our first full day started out kindof rocky.  We were on the 8th floor of the Hyatt St. Louis Hotel at the Arch.  We got to the elevator, and two gentlemen were already waiting to go down.  Oh about 10 minutes passed and finally an elevator going up came along.  The two smart guys got on (even though it was going up).  Rick and I decided we'd wait for the elevator to come back down so we didn't hop in.  About five minutes later we gave up on that set of elevators, and lugging my camera gear downstairs (8 floors) was not an option (because I'm lazy) -- so Rick found the service elevator and down we headed.

Then, a very nice valet told us that our rental car had a flat and that he would gladly change it for us (thanks Alessandro).  Poor guy had his workout for the week trying to get the lug nuts (whatever those things are called) off.  After about 20 minutes, we were on our way back to the rental car place at the airport, exchanging cars.

The rest of the morning was uneventful.   But not the afternoon.  By then, we were in Des Peres, Mo.  I was taking pictures inside an assisted living center that Rick was the architect on, when the tornado sirens sounded.  Eeeeeekkkk -- I thought I left that kindof stuff behind in Texas.  They huddled all the residents into interior hallways until the all clear signal was given.  Whew no tornado -- what a day!

Luckily, as we headed back to St. Louis,  the blue skies and sun broke out.  Rick thought that this would be a great time to head to the arch.   I'm so glad we did -- because there was almost no blue skies or sun for the remainder of our stay.

The Arch is one amazing structure.  It is so beautiful, especially when the sun is shining on it.  I was thrilled when a limo pulled up with a group of prom-goers.  What a cool place to take pictures!

A few minutes after the prom-goers arrived, another limo pulled up with a wedding party!  Wow -- did I hit photo opportunity pay dirt or what?

Anyhoo -- we had a nice time (which I'll  blog about later when time permits) in St. Louis.  I can't wait to go back.  Next time, I'm calling my blogging buddy Kym and will  meet her for some coffee.  I didn't realize that O'Fallon was real, real close to St. Louis.

Well, adios for the moment -- and have a great evening!

; ^\ Frances


  1. Frances, you hit pay dirt alright! Wonderful photos all around! I'm lovin' the arch shots too. This is why you are a photographer and I'm not.

    Apparently the arch is a popular place to have your photo taken. Sorry you didn't have better weather. It's happened to us before too : /


  2. I love the sunburst photo!! Actually, I love ALL of the photos!! You are amazing! LOVE YOU!


  3. Oh my gosh...what great photo ops that you got here in my hometown. I was born in raised here in St. Louis and that is where I say I am from when people ask me....As I was growing up, I lived in North County (The areas outside of the city limits are called counties such as North, South and West....and then there is St. Charles County, which is now where I reside...30 minutes West of where I grew up) in various communities. Where you were staying was at least 45 minutes from my house and I wish I had known you were here, I would have joined you and had told of you some other areas for photo ops! Yes, you happened upon the worst season in our area....RAIN! It has been quite beautiful with the days getting hotter and more humid as time marches on.....Please do let me know when you are back this way!


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