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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wichita Falls Pet Portraits | Blue

What a great week for Texas!  The Texas Rangers made it to the World Series!  We are soooooo excited and proud of the Rangers.  It just seems like this group of players really have heart, love and respect each other, and are committed to the team.

We were able to make it to two playoff games, and would you know it, they lost both games.  So, maybe we should stay put and watch the World Series on TV. 

Ok on to pet portraits -- all I wanted was to update the pups pictures today.  Did I get any cooperation?????  Uh noooooooooo!  I'd get the equipment set up, ask (ever so kindly) one of the dogs to sit and stay,  I'd get in place, and then  --- in a flash, the dog would take off.   After about 65 takes -- I had one that was worthwhile.

Here's Blue, getting ready to jump up.  Luckily (or is that skillfully), I got a shot of him before he left the stage.

I really need to put them through obedience training.  They know sit -- and that's it (hey that rhymes).  I watch  Cesar Milan the Dog Whisperer all the time so you would think that I could follow his instructions and get mine reigned in!  Oh well, at least I shoot digital -- so there's no cost in film processing.

Anyhoo -- here's to our furry friends!

Have a wonderful week!

; ~D Frances


  1. Well worth the 65th attempt! A beautiful portrait. See - patience is a virtue (what ever that means!)

  2. I think that's part of the pain of pet photography, don't you? Out of 25 shots, or more, you might get one that's worthy of showing off. My animals always put me through my paces too. Tried to shoot Lily in the leaves yesterday but it wasn't happening so I gave up and deleted everything.

    Blue looks amazing, though a little like 'what the hell are you doing mom?'


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