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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Texas Rangers Game 3 ALDS

Sob, the series is now tied 2-2 and the final game heads to Tampa Bay.  We had high hopes that the Rangers would sweep the Rays Saturday -- but sadly, it was not ours to be had.  Tampa Bay went on to win game 4 today in Arlington.

I didn't get alot of good pics from Saturday's game, because most of my shots had a hat, rally towel, shoulder, head, body -- in the shot.  If only I'd been a foot taller!

Anyhoo -- I processed all the pictures in black and white -- as they were pretty grainy (and black and white looks so lovely with grain).
Making our way through the tunnel trying to make it to the souvenir shop
Heading back to the tunnel after finding enormous lines at the souvenir shop

Color Guard
National Anthem (Charlie Pride sang the National Anthem)
Rally towels came in handy to keep the sun off

President Bush was in attendance

Ian Kinsler had the first home run!

Fans having a good time
Time for the rally caps

Game not looking too good

Doesn't look like we'll sweep the Rays
Yeah, the shade has almost made it's way to us!!!!

Even though the Rangers lost, we had a great time with our friends Mike and Marsha. Please think "Rangers win" Tuesday evening ---- PLEASSSEEEE!

Have a great week!

;P Frances


  1. These photos are incredible!! I felt like I was there...wish I could of been--even though they lost. Are you all going to game 5 Saturday? Love ya!



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