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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wichita Falls Pet Photographer | Two Down, Two To Go - Lola

I had a brain storm (I'm allowed one a year). Instead of trying to get all four dogs' portraits updated in a day -- I'm carving it into a one-a-day project. I think maybe I'll sweat less, keep my blood pressure down, and keep my sanity in check (well, the sanity thing is up for your interpretation)!

Now up -- is the lovely Lola, probably the oldest of the pooches. She loves barking, chasing (and killing) squirrels and birds, and enjoys dinner time. Hates -- bathtime. Wow, sounds like I'm trying to get her a love connection.

Anyhoo -- here's Lola 2010.

Have a great evening!

[:}] Frances

1 comment:

  1. Isn't she sweet, and quite the sofa hog I bet! Lola looks so much like the dog next door to us, Sadie, who is 15 years old!

    Somehow I'll bet Lola was an easy shoot.


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