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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wichita Falls Pet Photographer | Hankidy Spankidy

Working my way through the pups! Day three -- Hank! He's my ham, goofball, trouble maker, dork, and believe it or not, patient! He's kindof like me (not the patient part), in that every morning, he wakes up with bad hair. But, unlike me, he looks great with bed head!
For his 2010 portrait, I thought he might be willing to sit for a while if I pulled out his trampoline.  Note -- I said "his".  I originally bought it for me -- to exercise on -- but sadly, the dogs have long since claimed it as their bed.

On a side note -- The Rangers will play their first World Series game tonight against SF Giants. Keep your fingers (toes, legs, eyes, arms) crossed that they win game 1 (actually, win the World Series)!

Have a great day!

( %~P) Frances


  1. He's a gorgeous guy. Somehow, maybe because of his droopy ears and wise look he reminds me of the character Yoda, from Star Wars. Go Rangers!

  2. Love this! The beige color in the background really suits his grey bed head and sweet brown eyes! What a cutie : )


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