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Friday, October 29, 2010

Wichita Falls Pet Photographer | Sonny D, Patience is a virtue I don't own!

I've been trying to get a decent portrait of Sonny D -- but, sad to say, I've run out of patience. He's just not willing to cooperate!

I tried taking a picture of him yesterday, but he started shaking, and his nose started dripping like a leaky faucet. I thought maybe he was under the weather and started to feel sorry for him.

About 10 minutes later, some bicyclists zoomed by on the bike trail out back -- and everyone came alive -- including Sonny. No shakes, no runny nose, no poor ole me! He was back to his old self.

I told Rick about how weird it is that Sonny can come down with the "doggy vapors" when it suits him -- and then spring back to life when it's all clear!

So -- I was determined to get his 2010 portrait today -- no matter what! And guess what? The shakes started and the nose started running!

Well, you know, sometimes you just have to work with what you have! Here's Sonny D's 2010 portrait (runny nose and all - and yes, I could have been nice and edited the run out in Photshop)!
On the baseball front -- the Rangers aren't doing so well in the World Series.  Two games, two losses.  I'm chalking it up to nerves!  Let's hope they shake this before Saturday's game in Arlington!

Have a great weekend


  1. Awe, poor Sonny D. I like the drop though! It shows character and personality. Some animals just don't like that big, black box thing in their face.


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