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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

A couple of weeks ago, we had a wonderful dinner with our friends Elizabeth and John.  Somehow, the conversation turned to neighbors of theirs who were having a Halloween costume party for their neighbors  on the 30th.  As luck would have it, Rick knows them well -- so, we told Elizabeth and John that we might just drop by unannounced!

One problem, Rick and I so don't like wearing costumes because we're dorky enough -- costumes might make us look normal and then we'd have to dress up all the time!  So the wheels in my head started spinning.

What to do, what to do -- I mean, we weren't officially invited, although our friends of the friends invited us.


Our very elaborate (and expensive) Halloween Costumes!

You guessed it (or maybe you didn't), we came as alleged party crashers.

One lady figured it out -- and asked me where my blond wig was.  I explained that the wig would only have been the start.  I would have had to miraculously grow about a foot taller and lose 50 lbs.  Neither was going to happen in less than a month, so I didn't bother with the blond wig.  Another lady at the party called me Michelle, so I'm quite positive she didn't get my costume.  Oh well -- so, maybe it wasn't the brainiest of my ideas -- but we sure had fun explaining our costumes.

I need to wish my bestest friend in the world a very happy 7th dating anniversary!  He's treating me to Game 4 of the World Series in Arlington tonight!  We (and every Texas Ranger's fan) were thrilled when they won Game 3 last night in front of a home crowd!  GO RANGERS!!!!!

Happy Anniversary Rick!!!!  I love you!!!

Everyone else -- be safe, watch for kids out trick-o-treating, and have a wonderful Sunday!

PS -- thank you John and Elizabeth for (allegedly) inviting us and a huge thank you to the LaTour's for not kicking us out and treating us to a fun party (the food was delish!!!!)!

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