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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

F3 Day 9 Emily's Birthday

We had a great time at Samurai of Tokyo tonight with my son Nick and his fiancee Emily. Their wedding is just around the corner (June 19th - Rick and I are going to crash the wedding and get married with them, hee hee hee)!   We were celebrating Emily's birthday.

Well, here is the evening in pictures.

I actually caught the shrimp headed for his hat!!!!

Emily, the birthday girl getting dressed up in Samurai gear.
Well, it's bedtime.

To my friends and family on the East Coast -- I hope you are all doing well -- staying safe and warm.

:~D Frances


  1. John and I will crash the wedding and watch all of you get married!

  2. The two of you can be the distraction -- once everyone is looking the other way, Rick and I will dash up to the front, and squeeze up there with Nick and Em!

  3. LOL! Your comments are funny!

    Weddings are so exciting! I just love a wedding and I can't wait to see your shots! However, I imagine being the mother of the groom you won't be shooting that day.

    My indoor photos are a struggle. Usually they don't have enough light and end up blurry, unless I use flash, then they can be over exposed.

    Great capture with that shrimp! Happy belated Birthday to Emily!

  4. the photo of the food is my favorite. congrats to your son and you and rick as well. will you also double as the photographer? :) i doubt anyone could do a better job. do you have time to clone yourself?


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