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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

F3 Day 8 -- Procrastination is my middle name (it should be my first)

Gee, it's not like we had a blow out Super Bowl party here Sunday night. But for whatever reason (maybe because the game was still going), I just didn't feel like cleaning up the kitchen after dinner. Yep, I talked myself into doing the KP (kitchen patrol as my dad would call it) in the morning.

Why, oh why (said like a damsel in distress) did I procrastinate???? I mean, it was like the flour bomb blew up in a tomato factory. Stuff was everywhere. I even noticed it (flour) on my computer keyboard.

Gag, let's see, would you rather wake up to a clean kitchen, or one that looks like this???

Someone slap me, and wake me from this nightmare of a mess! I had socks on the sink counter!!!! Why? Oh, I remember. I was taking trash outside, it was raining, I didn't want to get my socks wet, who has time to put on shoes (even though it was in the 30's), and if I left them on the floor, the dogs would play tug of war with them. Ok -- perfectly sane answer as to why I found socks on the kitchen sink. Gosh, what a knucklehead.

Naturally, the scene of the crime was shot with my 50mm lens!!!!

Luckily, we had dinner with friends last night -- so I didn't have to worry about having to clean the kitchen twice in one day (whew, bit the bullet on that one).

Here's a shot I took out the car window as we were driving to meet our friends -- again, this was shot with my new friend the 50mm lens.

Say -- a Twitter buddy posted a great link to psdtuts+. This site has great Photoshop tutorials and freebies. I hope you take a peek at it!

Anyhoo, it's time to mess up the kitchen for tonight's dinner --- my favorite -- Penne with Prosciutto and Pink Vodka Sauce.

Have a great evening!

;~D Frances


  1. isn't the 50mm nice. i wish there were more prime lenses for my olympus. i really want a canon now, but i don't need it.

    nice bokeh! i hate bokeh by the way, but i would say this is a great example of it.

  2. Hey, that looks like my counter and sink right now! Minus the socks. Time to clean up before I get on the treadmill : /

    I will definitely check out the site you recommended Frances. Thank you.

    The way I figure it you should be done f3 right around the first day of Spring, is that right?

  3. The first thing I noticed is that your walls are a bright lime green; that looks like a peppy color for a kitchen.

    The second thing I noticed was the bag of chips. I thought those might be Ruffles then, on further inspection, decided they were Better Maid.

    The sock was not noticed at all until you mentioned it. I though it was a dishtowel. But now that you have explained I cannot believe you would take the trash out BAREFOOT in the middle of winter!

    I thought you were going to say you planned on wearing Crocs and you didn't want your socks to get wet because of the holes so you took them off to wear the Crocs alone.

    Lastly, what did you make that ended up with flour on the keyboard?

  4. Hey Sharon!

    Uuuugggggghhhhh! It looks like my last day using the 50mm lens will be 3/23/10. Man, that feels like forever!!!!

  5. Hey CG!

    Yep, the kitchen is pretty peppy (some folks might say it's blinding). I went through about 3 wall colors before finally settling on the green.

    Well, you are right in one aspect, they are chips. The kindof chips for dogs. They happen to be Waggin Train chicken jerky treats for the dogs. The hounds get one each morning after their first potty break. Yes, they are spoiled.

    When I looked at the picture, I too thought the socks was a dishtowel, and then I realized I didn't have any white towels. Crocs -- hhmmmmm -- I think I need to get some and leave them by the door!

    I made homemade stromboli. So I had flour everywhere. I need a bigger kitchen!!!!!!!


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