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Monday, February 8, 2010

F3 7/50 Left Behind

First of all -- a shout out to the "Who Dat" nation. Way to go Saints!!!!!! It was a great game -- and of course -- full of good commercials! The commercial that really surprised me was the Tim Tebow commercial.

Gee, what was all the fuss about????? I noticed that there were a number of articles discussing "what was up" with all the pregame controversy surrounding this commercial. Here's one that I liked from CNN Opinion. I applaud CBS (and Focus on the Family) for not bowing down to a few coalition groups who think they represent the rest of America. Whatever happened to free speech -- oh, some folks only want free speech when it advances their cause. Do you think these groups were feeling a little silly after it aired??? Every life is precious -- and deserves a chance. Check out the Focus on the Family link above and watch the Tebow's testimony.

Ok -- hopping off my soapbox.

Do you ever go out and take pictures and think -- oh, these are going to be fantastic? That was me, yesterday. I just wasn't thinking that there was total cloud cover -- and it was a gray, dingy, drab day. Nothing to give the photos depth.

Yuck! My pictures from yesterday lack depth. They lack detail. Oh, well. You live and learn. I miss the sun!

Rick and I drove around downtown looking for stuff to shoot (isn't he a great boyfriend???). We found a really interesting area -- near some old buildings. Although a "No Dumping" sign is clearly posted, dumping is still going on.

On a different side of the building, I noticed a teddy bear left behind.  He looked so sad and lonely laying out in the field.


And finally, the cane that provides a slight curtain to the once needed necessities of life, that have now become useless and have been left behind.


We haven't had much sun over the past two weeks, so I'm hoping it makes an appearance tomorrow.  For my friends (and family -- hi Mom and Tom), I hope all is clearing up after this weekend's snowfall.

Have a great (and safe) week.

:~{  I miss the sun -- Frances


  1. Okay, on that commercial I thought the woman was Mary Steenburgen; it sounds like her. But I guess not. I didn't watch the Superbowl (didn't realize it was on last night -- not a sports fan) so I didn't see any of those commercials. Thanks for posting.

    Now the pictures. That teddy bear is so forlorn. And once again, you amaze me with your ability to catch such emotion with color photos as well as black and white.

    I do think that amateurs can get lucky once in a while with b&w because it's artsy or something. I know know, a close up of a picnic table leg looks cool in black and white, but it's not that easy in color, you know?

    But that color photo of the couch and other stuff in the field really is incredible.

    Well done. Your photos are truly a joy to view.

  2. Hey CG!

    Thanks. You know, she does look like Mary Steenburgen.

    Yep -- b&w can save a ho hummmmm photo. It amazing how taking the color out of photo gives it more uumpppphhh!

  3. I didn't watch the Superbowl either but saw something about the commercial this morning on Good Morning America. It seems pretty harmless to me! The media ALWAYS blows things out of proportion.

    I know exactly what you mean FEK (LOL!) about thinking your photos will be so wonderful, then you get them home and are very disappointed, wishing you'd shot it differently. It's good to hear other photographers go through this and not just me!

    I think you did a nice job though, and I like the textures you used. I especially like the crop on the first photo. That is one darned hideous sofa! I think I've sat on it before! Ha!

    Poor teddy, someone used to love it just like Jessie in Toy Story.

  4. how cute is that teddy bear. great fine and nice as a b&w


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