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Thursday, February 4, 2010

F3 Day 3

Gee -- I noticed something I hadn't before in Adobe Camera Raw the other day.   I normally download images into either a folder or sub folder and convert the image to a DNG file.   After the images have downloaded, I then select all the images I've downloaded and click on Tools, Replace Meta data, and my meta data template.

So, the other day, when I had a rational moment, I went, surely there's a way to cut out this meta data step.  Surely.  Well drrrrrrrrhhhh, deeee, drrrrrrrhhh, drrrhhhh, drrrrrhhhhhhh. There sure is!  Why has it taken me long to investigate?  Uuhhhhhh, I think I must have liked doing it the hard way.

When downloading into Adobe Camera Raw -- there is a little box at the bottom, left hand corner that reads "advanced dialogue".  If you click on it, different options pop up -- one of them -- apply meta data (about 2/3 the way down on the right hand side), template to use, is available.  So -- I just select my template --- and away we go, cutting out an extra step.  Wow -- I've now added a zillion years to my life (not really, but I have added a tad bit more free time to my day)!

Prior to changing, the "Standard Dialog" icon read "Advanced Dialog"

Onto F3, day 3.

These images are courtesy of the trumpet vine that grows along my fence line.  It's a beautiful plant that can quickly overtake the fence.  I noticed that there are a number of empty and dried seed pods still hanging on for dear life.  The photos didn't come out tack sharp, as the wind was keeping them bouncing.  So -- I decided to artsy fartsy them up in Photoshop -- and add some noise.

And -- as a double feature bonus -- here's more gratuitous dog pictures!!!!  I was trying to change the linen on my bed, but Hank the Cow Dog had other ideas.   Since I was on a noise using binge -- I went ahead and cranked it up on his pictures.  I think it makes him look mysterious!!!

Have a great day!

;~D  Frances


  1. Wow Frances, I never would have thought of adding noise! Guess that's why it's so good to visit other photographers blogs. Not that I'm much of a photographer, but I try.

    I do enjoy dog and cat photos so yours are always a pleasure to view. Keep going! Only 47 more days!

    Btw, did you see my new blog? Still working out the kinks AND trying to post daily (lord knows why).


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