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Friday, February 5, 2010

F3 4/50 and other matters

Hola and a happy Friday to you all!

Is it me, or when you get old, does time zip by like nobody's bidness??????

I tried the Pioneer Woman's -- Marlboro Man's Second Favorite Sandwich recipe and wow, zap, zing, holy cow Batman -- we have a hit!  As a matter of fact, we like this one more than MM's favorite sandwich.

This chicken sandwich has just a few simple ingredients -- and is waaaaaayyy to easy!  Really, if you like chicken breast sandwiches, bacon, and cheese -- you  must click on the recipe and try it out.  Why, I do believe it makes for a great Super Bowl sandwich!!!!

I don't have any pictures of it -- because I didn't want my camera around bacon grease, and then Rick and I gobbled down two sandwiches each -- so there was no final product to shoot!

I did however, get a shot of the potatoes I used in making french fries.  I used the only potatoes I had in the house -- which were new potatoes.  And hey -- they came out yuuuuuuuuummmmmmmy too!

No pictures of the fries either, they were wolfed down in 3 seconds flat!

Now onto day 4 of the 50/50 challenge -- and I do mean challenge.  My brain cells aren't talking to each other, and I think they've shut off the oxygen to the creative section of my brain.  

So -- since I made fries, I had no clue what to do with the leftover vegetable oil -- so I poured it into a Kerr's canning jar.  Then, I noticed the beautiful amber glow -- and went ahhhh haaaaa -- picture #4!!!!!!!!

Whew -- why oh why did I get myself into a photo challenge???????

Have a great weekend!

;~D Frances


  1. Hey did you deep fry the fries -- I mean, did you use enough oil in a frying pan to cover one layer, maybe two-inches high?

    If you used a lot more than that in the pan, did you pour the used oil into that glass jar because it's very clear with no potato remnants in it.

    But it's still a cool photo whether it's used oil or not, it's just that I always wonder if I have to dump all of the hot oil once it has cooled.

    Does this make *any* sense?

  2. Hey CG - it makes perfect sense. I don't deep fry that often, so it was sparkling fresh veg oil! I put enough oil in the pan so that they were covered by maybe a 1/4 inch. I probably washed about 2 tbls of the cooled off oil down the drain (is that legal) which contained the potato bits.

    Yep, now I'm wondering what to do with the leftover veg oil. It may be another year before I make french fries again.

    I need to do some googling and see if there are any uses for old cooking oil!

    I'm old enough to remember when we used to deep fry everything in Crisco -- glad we got away from that!


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