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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

F3 16/50 Breakfast of Chimp -ions -- I mean Champions!

My dad had a lot of nicknames (terms of endearment) for my sisters and I. One of them was knucklehead I, knucklehead II (that's me), and knucklehead III. My favorite nickname was monkey joe I (that's Barbara), monkey joe II (me again -- I think I have middle child syndrome), and monkey joe III (that's Pam). I really miss my dad -- and not a day goes by when I don't think of all the sacrifices he made for his family and country. Oooppppsss, welling up -- didn't mean to get blue writing this.

Ok -- back on track.

I'm not a breakfast food kindof girl. I like leftovers, you know, supper food (or is that dinner food -- I get confused because to me they are the same meal -- the evening meal).

Rick brought me back a souvenir from the NBA All Star Game in Dallas, Tx. What is it? Oh, a sample of Wheaties Fuel. I know, no hat, no tee-shirt??????  That's OK, he showers me with plenty of wonderful things!!!!

I digress (again).

I have to admit that it's pretty tasty (without milk -- gag don't like milk). It's almost like little bits and pieces of Snickerdoodle cookies.  If you are a cereal eater, check this one out -- it's  like dessert!

And finally -- onto what I consider the breakfast of chimp-ions (monkey joe II's of the world)!
A yummy burger!!!!!!

My son Nick sent me home with a  couple of doggie bags the other night from his cookout. He used ground pork and ground beef (equal mixture) and seasoned it with a packet of broccoli beef seasoning. He likes to experiment with food -- and I'm always willing to be a tester. BTW -- the burgers were great!

Uuuuummmmmmhhhh Nick, I need a refill!

So -- what do you have a hankering for at breakfast time???

Have a great Wednesday!

;~D  Frances


  1. Well I'll tell you one thing I don't have a hankering for at breakfast time ... burgers! LOL!

    I'm an english muffin with PB and veggie sausage girl, every day. Not to mention a good cup of joe to wash it down.

    Your dad sounds so sweet. I can tell you miss him. I'm sorry he isn't around anymore Frances. My heart goes out to you.

    Btw, have you tried Vanilla Soy? Oh my goodness is it yummy!

  2. get out of here! rick went to the game. wow. we watched it on tv - and the night before. cool.

  3. Damnation. Left a long comment that was pretty witty, in my opinion and lost it. Grr.

    Pancakes from a restaurant. They have to come from a restaurant because we cannot create them here at home. I don't know why, but we can't.

    That, and coffee, which I do not see as strictly a breakfast food.

  4. Sharon, thanks for the kind words! -- Vanilla soy???? Do you put that in your coffee? I haven't grown up yet -- and can't quite bring myself to drink a real cup of joe. Now - Starbucks -- I'm all over the mocha!!!

    Valerie -- Yep, he and his son Seth went. I almost fell over when I heard what the entertainment was. Usher, Alicia Keys, Shakira. Rats, double rats!!!!

    Ok -- CG -- I'm sure I'd have been rolling with your witty comment. Maybe it will come to you later -- then you can tell me! I do kindof drool when IHOP has there all you can eat pancakes special. Then I get there -- and fours about all I can shovel down!!! Rick's dad used to drink coffee all day long -- even in the summer. Can't quite get the hot drinks on 100+ days.

  5. Vanilla soy is good on cereal or in place of milk during a meal. No coffee? I'm always amazed when someone tells me that. I do love a good Mocha too!!!


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