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Thursday, February 18, 2010

F3 17/50 Ok, so maybe this is cheating -- and using the pen tool in CS4

I guess it's really not cheating, because I did take a picture with my 50mm lens. 

I've been working all day on putting pretty blue skies in some R/E pictures.  We just haven't had many pretty days over the last couple of months.
So, I didn't have much time to put my brain in gear and think of something exciting (I know, you haven't seen exciting yet anyway) to shoot.

The dogs get a biscuit every time they come in from the back yard (hmmmmmm is that why Lola is a chunky munky????).  Eureka -- take a picture of the biscuit jar. 

The pups dog biscuit jar taken with the 50mm f/1.8 lens

Actually, I took a picture of the biscuit jar so that I could try (like this is my 100th time trying) the pen tool in Photoshop CS4.  I can't count the number of times I've tried this tool, and after a few minutes ran with my tail between my legs.  This puppy is one hard tool to figure out.  UNTIL TODAY!  I found a great tutorial on Vimeo by Aaron Weiss.  I watched the video about three times and the light bulb finally came on.  If you've tried, and tried again to use the pen tool.  Check out Aaron's video.

Well, I can't just leave well enough alone -- so I did my Photoshop thang and came up with this:

I know it's not going to win an award, but hey, I used the extracted biscuit jar!!!!!  

Here's to the wonderful people who help keep my light bulb burning!!!

Have a great evening!

;~D Frances


  1. Okay Frances, I'm totally in awe of how you did that with the first picture ... added grass and blue sky. Any tips? Wonder if I can do it with PS7?

    Day 17, keep going!

  2. The grass and skies are from a shot of a football field in Burkburnett, Texas. I use a number of masking techniques to get the sky in, and then use a brush to mask out the dirt in the bottom of the picture to bring in the grass. I'll browse Vimeo and YouTube to see if there are any videos using PS7.

  3. I absolutely *love* seeing the before and after photo. I would have never guessed you altered it if I had only seen the second one.

    I do believe you have made the pen tool your betch.


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