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Friday, February 12, 2010

F3 11/50 Mirror Mirror

Today's F3 image -- is a photo I took this morning of the top half of the tree out in my front yard. The reason I only took a picture of the top half of the tree is because I knew that it would make a great mirrored effect picture.

So, in Photoshop, I duplicated it -- doubled the canvas size and then flipped it (the duplicated layer) -- to create this effect.

Next, (only on the bottom half) I blurred it, used the ocean ripple filter, and darkened it.

I then topped it off with a lens flare and blue photo filter.

And voila! I'm hoping that it fooled you into thinking it was a strand of snow topped trees at the edge of a pond.

The snow is still quite lovely -- but alas, it will be above freezing tomorrow -- so all we'll have left is a mushy mess by this time tomorrow(sob).

Here's to a wonderful Valentine's weekend!

:~D Frances


  1. What a Beautiful Picture Frances, You are so very talented.

  2. wow, that's a beautiful picture, but you know this already. :)

  3. Gorgeous. And it is HERE, where we live, not in a remote magnificent land. Great eye, as always.

  4. Gorgeous!! Absolutely love what you have done with this Frances. It would look wonderful as part of a calendar, January perhaps? Just to get you thinking...


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