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Saturday, February 13, 2010

F3 12/50 Emily and bridesmaids

We just got home from the MSU men's basketball game. Whew, you know your old when bedtime should be 9:00 p.m.!!!!!!

Today I tagged along with Emily as her bridesmaids tried on dresses. Wow -- was there ever a selection of dresses. Gee, when I was younger - I don't remember having so much to choose from, course, those were the days when we didn't have remote controls, cell phones, color tv, air conditioned cars -- and we had to walk ten miles one way just to get to school!

The pictures I would like to show you might give something away -- so, here's a peek at Emily as she's watching her bridesmaids try on their dresses.

Have a great evening!

;~D Frances

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