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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Weeds need lovin too!

Earlier this morning, I let the hounds out and noticed that the golf course still looks amazing as the sun comes up.  This morning, there was a little bit of fog floating through the trees -- sooooooo I ran and got my camera and captured a few shots.  This seems to be my favorite thing to photograph -- as you may have seen a few pictures I've recorded over the past few weeks of the course (same shot, different time and different day).  This morning's shot is  a little different as there were some black birds in the trees.  I whipped that puppy into my computer and added a few layers of textures -- and voila --

I don't normally carry my camera around with me -- but, I was headed out to check on something for Rick -- so, since it was totally gorgeous outside, I thought there might be something cool to capture.   While walking around, I noticed some very interesting weeds growing -- so snap, snap, snap.

Now please don't ask me what kind of weeds these are -- because, honestly, I haven't a clue.

The front and back yards are screaming for one last mow before winter.  But, do you really think I want to waste a beautiful day getting all hot and sticky?????

You guessed it -- nope!

Have a wonderful evening!

;~ }  Frances


  1. Could those last seed heads be zinnia? Not weeds but those look just like the zinnia I yanked from my garden yesterday! :)

    Love your pictures. I too find myself taking pics in surprising places.

    Great music btw.
    Jessie at Blog Schmog

  2. Thanks Jessie! Whatever it is -- it's pretty tall. Almost as tall as me ;)


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