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Monday, November 2, 2009

A Game to Remember

Saturday, October 31, 2009 started out like any other day. Well, except for the most angelic "Happy Anniversary" song left on Rick's answering machine. Did I say angelic? Truth be -- it was more banshee,  ear drum splitting -- but, it was sung from the heart.

Other than that, and that the 31st was our 6th dating anniversary, the day was quite normal. Laundry, cleaning, Rick going to the office, me at the computer.

Rick dropped by before heading into the office -- in his hands was a vase with beautiful red roses. Ok -- so it's apparently gift giving time, so my gift --a long sleeved Chap's shirt with Aggie red (or is it maroon????) running through it, comes out.  Kiss, kiss, hug, hug, thank you, thank you, love you, love you.

With gift giving over -- Rick went in to the office for a little while, and I went back to working on the computer.  Around 5:30, Rick finished up at the office, and we decided (after watching a little college ball) it was time to head out for dinner.

We're driving West on Kell Blvd when I finally decide to ask "where are we going for dinner"?  Rick asked how the Oyster Bar sounded.  I'm thinking to myself "Oyster Bar", are you crazy???  Actually, those words accidentally spilled out of my mouth!  We hadn't been to the Oyster Bar in well over a year because the service and food quality had deteriorated after our favorite waitress left (oh where or where did she go???).

Rick explained that he wanted to go to the Oyster Bar because that is where we had our first meal together after our first date (quail hunting -- yes, girls -- quail hunting).  Ohhhhhhh, how sweet!  Rick was strolling down memory lane!  After he explained why he wanted to go to the Oyster Bar -- I was putty in his hands!

We get to the Oyster Bar -- and within a couple of minutes we are seated, food ordered and having a great time strolling down mem lane.  We finished our ever so southern (said evah so suthern) meals of chicken tenders, steak tenders and fries (nothing like comfort food)-- when Rick told me that he had a game for me out in the car -- and that he'd be right back.

Rick hands me this long article on some guys fly fishing experience.  I start reading it -- while Rick's looking at me like  "uhhhh, when are you going to start playing the game".  Well, he forgot to tell me how to play the game and I thought it was an interesting article!  Ok -- rules came out -- on with the game.  Rick's game  -  words are highlighted with  various colors, and at the bottom, Rick has typed in numbers 1-6 -- with lines for words by each number.  The numbers are also highlighted with different colors  -- and the game is to find the words with the same color and put them in order.  Ok -- game on!

                                                                    Rick's mock up copy

1st sentence -- we have longtime memories  (I'm clueless but hey, fun game)
2nd sentence -- taking many special photos (yes, still clueless)
3rd sentence -- my friend and partner (ohhh, how sweet -- still clueless,  drrrr dee drrr drrr drrrrr)
4th sentence -- then blogs the day (uhhhhhh -- ok, doesn't everyone blog????)
5th sentence -- and finally from the heart (ohhhhhh really sweet -- ummmhhh sorry to say - still clueless)
6th sentence -- wills you Mary me (huhhhhhhh?  Lightbulb on!)

                                                              You might confuse my handwriting with your doctor's

Yes, the words in the article were "wills" and "Mary" -- but I caught on REEEEEAAALLL QUICK.  Waaahhhhhhhhh, the tears started pouring from my eyes, and I could no longer see anything but blurry, watery blobs of colors in front of me.  He then hands me this box of ammo (remember, we are strolling down memory lane) -- I quickly opened  the box.  In there are two pieces of camoflauge fabric -- inside the fabric is a gun metal colored heart shaped ring.    Ohhhhh,  how sweet -- and it fits!    After I tried on the ring, he told me that he wanted to give me a ring -- but wanted me to pick it out (whew -- big relief that I wasn't destined to spend eternity with the heart shaped engagement ring!!).

                                                        I polished the ring so it no longer has the gun metal look

Oh, I  left out my answer.  I believe I said "yes, how about tomorrow"!

This unforgettable evening ended at the theater.   The movie you ask?  How about Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs????  Yes, I know it's a kid's movie -- but I wanted to see a 3D movie (wow, are they ever mind blowing!!!).

Sooooooooo -- friends and family -- it is official.  No date set yet, although when I gave my son Nick the news, I told him to tell Emily, his fiancee,  that since they have the church, food and flowers ready to go for their 6/19/2010 wedding lined up -- that we'd just stroll down the aisle with them.  I mean -- we're already going to be there -- and what a bargain -- two for one!

With all kidding aside -- I am so excited about spending the rest of my life with the most wonderful, kind, considerate and loving man that God has blessed my life with. 

Time to recap the news:
  1.   Oyster Bar is back on track, food good, service great!
  2.   Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (3D), fun!
  3.   WE'RE ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:~} Frances

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    I am sooooo very excited for the both of you!!!! YAY!!! Love how he did it....what a great proposal!


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