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Friday, October 23, 2009


No, not the music award -- Grammy as in grandma, mee maw, nana, you get my drift! I'll be grand-dog sitting my friend Carolyn's dogs over the next few days. Since I may (just a smidge)  overindulge the Hardegree dogs with too many treats, maybe slightly feed them more than their parents, and just love the four legged kids -- Rick tells me I'm like their grandmother.  Ok -- I'll accept that!

Now, with all this overindulging going on, you think the kids would sit still and indulge me and let me take a few pictures!  Uhhhhhhh nope!    Birdie's running around like a crazy man, and the itty bitty girls are just trying to stay out of his way.    Soooooo -- can't say I got the shot I wanted, just the shot that would do.



It's been a wonderful day -- as the sun is bright and warming.   We parked our butts on the back porch and soaked in the sun's rays!  While sunning, I noticed this adorable plaque hanging on the fence.


"Thank you God for each day spent on this beautiful earth with the people I love".

Amen!  I hope you all have a beautiful weekend spent with the people you love!

PS -- when I do finally have grand kids -- I hope they call me Franny instead of granny!

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