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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Coffee, Tea or Sonny D?

 I like to scour the web for easy reading, interesting tidbits on improving my photography.  One of the sites I visit is Digital Photography School (DPS).  This site has numerous articles on photography related  topics.  The articles are short and sweet and accompanied by photographs (I'm a visual learner -- if it's too wordy I get bored).

Last night, I clicked on this link and went ahh haaaaahhh -- I think I'll play around with this a bit.  My inspiration came from the absolutely fabulous Rick -- when he decided that a hot cup of coffee would be great with the yummy coffee cake my neighbor Sally made for us.

I'm not a coffee drinker (unless it's a 1,000 calorie laced Grande, White Chocolate Mocha, with an extra shot, extra hot cup of coffee from Starbucks), I'm more of a hot tea drinker.  So, I rummaged through my little canister of teas and decided on Tazo Calm, and Rick decided he'd like a cup of Starbucks Instant Italian Roast.  The little packets of Starbuck's Instant are perfect for us -- I mean, I can boil water -- and make a perfect cup of coffee all at the same time!

I digress (I'm always doing that), thinking about the article I read at DPS as I was taking pictures of the mugs, I simpy changed my focus spot to tell my story!

Ok -- what does Sonny D have to do with all this?  Not a thing!  Sonny D just made my post title sing!

Have a wonderful Thursday!

: ~ }  Frances

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