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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Can't leave well enough alone!

After I typed the title to this post, I went huhhhhhh?  I'm always saying that -- but, never thought about what or where that came from.   So, I did a little googling -- 

Leave well enough alone - to allow something to stay as it is because doing more would not improve it. 
The idea behind this expression dates from ancient Greek times, specifically Aesop's fable about a fox who refused a hedgehog's offer to take out its ticks lest, by removing those that are full, other hungry ones will replace them. Put as let well alone from the early 1700s, it was first recorded as let well enough alone in 1827.

After lunch, I decided that I would take my high-key portrait and do a little more dabbling in Photoshop.  Popped the picture open, added about 9 layers of texture -- and here we are -- the revised self-portrait!

A number of the textures I used came from CD Textures.   Always, always, always make sure you read the license to use - of the textures you are considering downloading.  Verify that your intended use of the photograph does not violate the terms of use.

Anyhoo -- here's "Can't leave well enough alone"

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