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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Frances 1 Fish 1000

We're back from Lake City, Colorado -- and the fish are happy to report that they managed to elude me once again! The only fish (actually around here, we would call it a minnow) I caught was up at Big Blue. I kid you not, the fish I caught could have been mistaken for bait! Fly fishing takes skill and practice. The fish are alot smarter than you think. If you're not careful -- the only thing you'll do is scare the fish off (yes, that is me).

The rest of our fishing was done at some private streams -- huge thanks to Rick's friend!!! The weather was beautiful, the company was terrific, and for Rick and his Uncle Dub, the fishing was great. They were catching 10-14 lbs trout left and right.

I caught more lbs (on my body) from all the good food! Lake City, Colorado has a number of great restaurants for such a little town.

Well, off to the the Y. Got to work off my vacation!

This is a picture I took of Rick and his Uncle Dub strategizing.

click on the picture for a larger image.

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  1. I miss seeing you on here. Another great picture! You are traveling soo much..are you ever home anymore?


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