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Saturday, September 5, 2009


Hola and happy Friday - uh, I mean Saturday. I'm so set in my ways and days -- that somehow, I've managed to lose a day. We normally eat dinner with friends on Monday -- but, we had our Hotter N Hell 100 get together dinner on that day -- so dinner with our friends was moved to Tuesday. Sooooooooo -- my mind wrapped it's little calendar around the fact that we had dinner with our friends -- and it started the week (Monday) on that day (Tuesday).

I kid you not! I missed a meeting on Thursday -- because I thought Thursday was Wednesday! Eeekkks -- I think my brain's calendar is now on track. Beam me up
Scottie -- puuuuuhhhhhllleeeeaaaazzzz!

Editing work pictures now -- but thought I'd squeeze in a fun picture I took of Birdie Hardegree. Birdie is the newest addition to the Hardegree clan. Although the Hardegree's are golf enthusiasts, Birdie was not given this name because of their love for golf, but, because he is probably part bird dog.

Michael and Carolyn are true animal angels -- I can't tell you the number of times Carolyn has put herself in jeopardy (traffic) to save an animal. Michael picked up Birdie on one of the other furry family member's vet visit. Birdie needed a home, and by golly, Michael and Carolyn made room for him.

Birdie makes four now for the Hardegree's - and he outweighs the girls (all of them combined) by about 50 lbs.

Well, back to work! Have a wonderful weekend -- and as Bob Barker would say -- "Remember to spay or neuter your animals"!

Hugs and kisses -- Frances

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