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Monday, September 14, 2009

Another rainy day

We've had a wonderful weekend of rain! Woo hoo -- that means I have at least one more date with Mr. Lawnmower before the grass stops growing. Hhhhhmmmmm, wonder if I can develop a grass that's stunted in growth. Nah, laundry is more important right now.

My dog bathing timing just sucks! Yep, gave them a bath the day before the rains started. Hey, maybe that's the connection, bathe dogs -- get rain? Or is it wash car -- get rain?

The yard is super saturated and spongy (good thing I had speech lessons as a kid -- otherwise the three "S" words would have done me in). Sooooooooo - I'm trapped in the house with four dogs who need to stretch their legs. Maybe the yard will be dog friendly by tomorrow. I really don't want to bathe the dogs again so soon.

Click on image to enlarge
Lola and Blue -- longing to go outside and chase the squirrels.

You can't imagine how hard it is to round the four up, get them in the bathroom, then in the tub. Once there, I have to keep one leg up on the side of the tub -- to corral the little buggers in the tub -- otherwise, it's wet, soapy dogs running wild in the bathroom! Gag!

Then the aroma of wet dogs for an hour. Gag, double Gag! Oh, sure, just blow dry them! Not gonna happen. The dogs turn into apes if I get the blow dryer out -- so it's towel/and air dry only for them.

Oh, if only they could take lessons from this cat!

Do I sound like I've got cabin fever? You bethca! I've already been to the Y and burned a calorie (yes, just a calorie) -- so it's housework time (oh goody, I can burn another calorie).

Good thing it's laundry day. Where's the bleach, uuuuuuuhhhh, where's the laundry room?

Cheers to Monday, good friends, good food -- and most of all good rain!

Wishing everyone a great week!

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