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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Colorado R&R

Hugs and kisses to Rick for taking me away from the 100 degree temps of Texas to the beautiful, lush green (and much cooler temps) of Lake City, Colorado. We spent a very relaxing week -- fly fishing, four wheeling, and my favorite -- eating!

I would guess that during the summer months, Lake City is inhabited by about 70% Texans. It's quite amusing to see so many Texas license plates!

The fishing was great for Rick and his Uncle Dub -- as they caught quite a few large trout -- for me, not so good. I caught one teenie, tiny trout on my first day of fishing, and the big goose egg from there on out. It's really not a big deal for me -- as I enjoy the practice (sounds like I'm in denial or something).

About four years ago, instead of taking a 4-wheel drive jeep on the mountain backroads (Alpine Loop), Rick has opted to doing the drive on a four-wheeler. I prefer the four-wheeler as it makes the day less scary. Jeeps just seem too wide for these narrow roads -- so I'm glad we've made the change.

We saw two moose while there. The first moose sighting was at Lake San Cristobal. We were driving around the lake when we noticed about six cars pulled over to the side -- and the car's occupants were out of the cars looking out toward the middle of the creeky area of the lake (not sure what you call it). The crowd had spotted a huge bull moose eating! We had a lot of fun chatting it up with the onlookers while watching the feeding moose.

Our next sighting was of a cow moose at Deer Creek. If you click on the moose picture below, you'll notice that there is a sign that has "Deer Creek" imprinted on it. I thought it was funny -- but, it doesn't take much to amuse me. Another moose watcher told us that the cow had two calves with her earlier. Rats -- how cool would that have been to see the mom and babies??????

Lake City has a number of wonderful restaurants. We love Poker Alice's (Pizza), Lake City Bakery (breads, sweet rolls, you name it -- they bake it), Cannibal Grill (hamburgers, hot dogs), the Sportsman (gas station that serves great BBQ), and an Italian Restaurant which I can't remember the name. We always end our trip with Rick's Uncle Dub and Aunt Sidney at Bruno's Restaurant. Bruno and his wife -- serve the most amazing food. It's five star dining -- I kid you not. We always look forward to the soup, bread -- and the main course. If you like wild game or a good steak -- Bruno's is the place to go.

Wow, it's not even 10:00 a.m. and I'm getting hungry!

If you'd like to learn more about Lake City, Colorado, click on today's post title (Colorado R&R).

Enough of the gab -- it's picture time! Enjoy and have a wonderful week!

Click on image for a larger picture.

Shot taken out the car window, somewhere in New Mexico.

Moose at Deer Creek (hey, who said moose can read?).

Dumpsters are locked to keep the bears out.

Garden shop (Pottin Shed) located behind our cabin (notice the sod roof).

Lake City Bakery (our first stop every morning).

We love shopping at Dan's Fly Shop. Dan and his wife are the best!

Photo of umbrellas at Kip's Gill in Creede, Colorado.

Rick soaking in the sun at Kip's Grill in Creede, Colorado.

One of the private streams we fished (Rio Grande)

Pssst -- what's the password? Had to get by the cattle before we could hit the Rio Grande for fishing.

Headed home, leaving New Mexico.

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