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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Just Stuff

Stay with me on this post -- I'm going to be rambling!

Whew, what a week! We lost three icons this week, Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. These were celebrities that I grew up with. I loved watching Johnny Carson and the bantering between he and Ed McMahon. Charlie's Angels -- who didn't watch that????? And later -- I was amazed with Farrah's brilliant acting in The Burning Bed and Extremities. While in Wilmington, DE, I was glued to the TV watching her courageous documentary on her battle with cancer. Finally, the passing of Michael Jackson. I was in total disbelief when the news broke. I loved his music and his unbelievable dancing. I'm just thankful that there are no videos of me dancing or singing to his songs.

I know that they are all in heaven with our Maker, at peace and in no pain. I pray that God will guide their families and friends through this difficult time, providing them comfort and peace.

Since I don't play golf anymore, I am sooooooooo not acclimated to the heat. I spent several days out at the TO taking candid shots of players and their families in the 95-105 degree weather. The good news is I lost 2 lbs this week -- we can all assume it's water weight. Rats -- I think I'm going to look at the weight loss as 2 lbs of fat -- which was melted off by the heat! I know, poor, delusional Frances.

Anyhoo, it was a lot of fun hanging out at the TO watching the kids.

More stuff.
Rick and I were in Dallas yesterday taking pictures of one of his job sites -- and followed that up with a game at the Ballpark. At game time, the temp finally dropped to 95 degrees on the field -- and by the end of the game, the temperature dropped to 92. Whew, got to love the Texas weather. It was a great game -- as the Rangers beat the Padres 12 - 2 (they are now a game ahead of the Angels)!!!!! After the game, they had a spectacular fireworks show (I think they do this every Friday now). The show was amazing! They shot off fireworks I'd never seen before -- and accompanied the show with great tunes!

I used my camera phone to take some shots of the evening, and once I figure out where the card is in the phone, I'll download some pics.

Even more stuff.
I went over to take a picture of the studs in an old house (wood studs -- not the two legged, male studs). Why take picture of a bare wooden wall??? The house is being renovated (everything is stripped down to the bare wood) -- and the new owners saw the writing on the wall, I mean writing on the wood, and called my friend to see if this could be his dad's signature. Lo and behold, it was! My friend asked me to capture his dad's signature before they drywalled the house.

While out there, I noticed some roosters and chickens milling around. I tried really hard to talk rooster and coax one of them over, but they didn't want any part of me. Roosters are beautiful!!!! So after chasing them around a little while, I finally got one -- not so hot picture. All was not lost, I loved the color and composition, so I turned it into artwork!!!

I am going to spend the weekend processing pictures from the TO and the Dallas jobsite. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Ciao or as the roosters would say "cock-a-doodle-doo"
-- Frances

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