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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th!

I have mixed feelings on July 4th. The happy ones arise from being proud of my country, the good ole United States of America. The sad ones come from reflecting on my dad who passed away on August 13, 1983 at the age of 49. My dad was a 4th of July baby -- and how fitting, as he loved this country and served her well as a 1SGT in the U.S. Army.

Last night, Rick and I went out back to watch the Country Club's fireworks. Before the show, we lay there looking up at the stars. I mentioned to Rick that it was a year ago tomorrow that we were in Lake City, Colorado watching fireworks -- and how great it would be to be there right now looking up at the stars. Then -- memories (and tears) came flooding back about my dad. He had many hobbies, one of them was star gazing. I can remember whenever there was a meteor shower, we'd go out and watch the streaking lights in the Heavens.

Dad was a wonderful, sweet, kind and quiet man. He loved camping, fishing and tinkering with electronics. At night, he would be in his bedroom building some electronic device. He'd have his cathodes, transistors and all kinds of testers and solder iron out, tinkering away. On weekends, he would go to the Post craft shop and cut stones, make jewelry and help others fix their broken tvs and radios. I was always so proud that my dad spent time helping others fix their broken wares. I think he was the happiest when he was tinkering. I don't remember him ever cussing, he didn't bring work or problems home with him. He'd take a quick 30 minute power nap when he came home from work. I almost forgot! He was an amazing cook! He'd whip up the best chili or some crazy sauce he thought of.

Before the cancer reared it's ugly head, my dad was robust and full of life. That's how I remember him. I miss his chubby cheeks and his quiet smile.

So on this 4th, I thank God for giving me wonderful parents (my mother (I hope I have her never age genes -- because she is beautiful and looks like she's not a day over 50) is one terrific lady), and that I am an American. A happy 233rd anniversary to our nation on its independence, and a very happy 75th birthday to my dad!

I hope you all have a wonderful, safe 4th of July weekend!

May God bless you and keep you safe -- Love Frances

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