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Friday, May 8, 2009

Coo Coo for cocoa puffs!

Well they are puffy, which goes with the picture. Maybe the title should be dingy for dandelions. This may be the last in my dandelion posts for a while.

It is currently 94 degrees outside (but feels like 98) -- guess what the high will be tomorrow????? 65 degrees! Is that not crazy? I still need to mow the front yard - but whew, the back yard did me in. Along with the cooler temps, we are supposed to get rain (yeah). My dilemma is -- the front yard really needs a good whacking before it rains (and I don't mean the Soprano kind), but it is waaaaaaaaaayyyyy to hot and humid. I either need to a) get a goat b) get a riding mower or c) sweet talk Rick into getting extra exercise once a week. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm -- wonder what my dogs and neighbors would think about a goat?????

I know, suck it up and rev up the mower! Well, I hope that ya'll have a wonderful weekend!

Love -- Frances

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