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Friday, May 8, 2009

The bits and pieces of The Dandelion Forest

Photoshop Workbench 173: Selecting Around Trees

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The ramblings of this mad woman will hopefully answer Kym's question to The Dandelion Forest (please be patient with my roller coaster ride of an answer).

I'm a huge fan of Mark S. Johnson! He posts a Photoshop lesson to his blog every Thursday. So -- what do I look forward to every Thursday???? You guessed correctly -- his Photoshop lesson!

I used the above lesson to help me create The Dandelion Forest. Click on the blue link underneath the picture (Photoshop Workbench #173) and watch. Mark also has e books available which are also fantastic learning tools. I have Chapter 5 of the Photographer's Photoshop CS4 Companion and will probably purchase a few more chapters (you can now purchase the entire book).

Anyhooooooooo - back to Kym's question on how I put this together. The base for the project is the dandelion picture. I then opened up the shack, and using the background eraser pulled out only what I wanted (the shack, cement steps and trees). I then dragged the shack picture in above the dandelions, scaled it down till it fit, and then using a mask, cut around the dandelions (middle left hand side above the shack) to make it appear that the dandelions were growing from trees. I then worked on the animal pictures (Snoball was dropped in a couple days later), I eliminated the background (background eraser) around Snoball and the goat. Put all the pictures together (after having scaled them down, rotated the goat a bit) -- added several different picture textures, painted in some color here and there, used some TRA Actions, and texturized it -- and finally the final product.

I have a Wacom tablet (Intuos 3) that really makes doing photo art much, much easier. I can't imagine not using a Wacom tablet. Wacom just came out with the Intuos 4 -- and it looks fab!

Well, it's Friiiiiiiiday -- and I must get back to pooper scooper duty and mowing the lawn (started yesterday -- but whew, it felt like Houston on a 100 degree day -- and this girl ain't quite acclimated to heat and high humidty).

Have a wonderful Friday and a restful weekend.

love Frances

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  1. You must enter this into the contest here:

    I want a wacom tablet, we just got one at work and I have not used it yet, but now I am curious! I love this image....enter it!


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