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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Seniors of all kinds

Hola and Happy Thursday. Well to start things off, Rick's birthday is coming up this Sunday, so I tried to make him a cake yesterday. I'm not sure if I left out a half cup of flour, didn't bake it long enough, used butter when I should have used margarine -- but, Houston, we have a problem! I told Rick that I didn't think his cake was supposed to be gooey at the bottom and he agreed with me. Soooooooo, I carved off the top 1/3 of the cake and put it on a plate and threw the bottom 2/3 in the disposal (oh sure, don't post a picture of the pathetic cake - right?). Rick was so kind and said "hey, it's kindof like having just the muffin-top -- but it's a cake-top". Way to make lemonade out of lemons! Now you know why I love him so much!. Anyhooooo -- back on track. I redid the cake today, set out all the ingredients, used margarine instead of butter, and voila! A perfect cake. What kindof cake you ask? It's a Milky Way cake.

Now you are asking me -- what's with today's title "Seniors of all kinds"? The answer is: I obviously had several senior moments yesterday when I baked the cake. Since I don't know what threw yesterday's cake off; did I bake it long enough?, did I use enough flour?, should I have used margarine?, uuugggghhhh the insanity of baking. Oh, I'm typing out loud. Ok - so I'm one example of a "senior" moment.

Now for a much better example of a "senior". Meet Jose. He's a graduating senior who has a great future ahead of him! He came down earlier this month with his family and we spent some time downtown shooting (I took them to all the creepy sections of town). Where I fail in cooking, his mom excels (she could beat me in a cooking contest with a blindfold and both hands tied behind her back)! And ladies, I'm sorry to say, Jose has a girlfriend. Thank you so much to Jose, his mom and sisters, for their patience, for the wonderful food, and for your friendship.

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  1. LoVe the Train-track photos. Would you be avail. next weekend to take some photos for me..if it's not windy? My sister will be in town and I would love to have some pic. taken of us for Mother's day.


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