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Monday, February 2, 2009

Sad day

My friend Carolyn called a little while ago -- to let me know that Scruffy Butt died last night. I feel so bad for her and Michael. They have lost three dogs now over the last year. First, Jenny, then Pup, and now Scruffy Butt. I remember when Scruffy Butt came to them (he is a stray). He was so mean, would growl at you, chewed up anything and everything in sight -- but, after a little while -- Michael and Carolyn's love and patience turned that little bugger into a prince. If you petted him for a while, he would start talking to you, and when you left, he would bark like crazy -- my guess is he didn't want you to leave.

Since he was a stray, Michael and Carolyn had no idea how old he was -- so they thought he was a lot younger than he probably was.

I just know that he brought fun, laughter, and joy into their lives and mine. When Carolyn called this morning, she thanked me for the picture I took of Scruffy Butt at her Christmas party. I too am so glad that I captured him so beautifully.

Please keep Michael and Carolyn in your prayers, this has been really hard on them. They are huge animal people -- and their pets are family. If you see them out, give them a big hug!

I will miss the little guy.

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