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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sheep Herding in Colorado

We'd been on the road for probably an hour or so, when Rick said "look, sheep". He found a safe place to pull over so we could watch a couple of cowboys with their dogs herd sheep down the rail road tracks. It was so fascinating watching the cowboys work with their dogs to keep the sheep together and headed in the right direction. We were amazed at how the cowboy's hand gestures or whistles would direct the dogs to move by and through the sheep.

Just days before, Rick and I talked about how neat my first trip to Colorado was, because I got to see cowboys start up the mountain with sheep. Who knew I'd get to see cowboys working cattle down the mountain six years later.

Here's a few pics from that very special sighting.

Here's to cowboys and their faithful dogs!

Yippee kai yea ya'll!

:~) Frances


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