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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Up in the air and on my derriere

I'm still on cloud nine from yesterday's heli ride! I buzzed through the pictures I took and worked on a couple that I found interesting.

These two shots were taken up in the air.


And these two shots were taken from about my derriere level.

This is my neighbor's new puppy.  I call her Minnie Pearl.  I know I should probably ask my neighbor what here real name is, but to me, Minnie Pearl fits her.  She's a calico colored, cow dog that is just busting with personality. 

Well, it's Saturday and it's going to be another day of 100+ temps.  I'm getting ready to do my woo hoo weather dance, because we should dip back into the nineties next week!

Have a great weekend -- Ya'll!

|' ;^)  Frances

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