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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wichita Falls Pet Portraits | Sonny D Pinup Pup

Hola and happy Wednesday!

I'm back to shooting again, thanks to Rick's early birthday present. I'm sure he was worn down with all my groaning and moaning of not having my camera back from the shop (can you say it's been 22 business days since XYZ extended warranty company has had my camera?????).

RRRRRRRRRRR -- their service policy for SLR's is 10-15 business days -- but when I called they told me my camera was in the 15-20 business day category (maybe because it's a D-SLR that throws it into another week). So -- at 22 business days, I'm past their "normal service time-line" and still no word. I'm sure at some point in time, I'll write a blog post (when I receive my camera back) with all the blood and guts details.

Anyhoo, back to Rick's early BD present. I am now the proud owner of a Nikon D300S!!!!! What really tickles me pink - is that I don't have to relearn buttons and features -- because it's almost like my D700. There are several major differences 1) it has a cropped sensor, 2) it shoots video and 3) it has two memory card slots (one for a compact flash card and the other for a SDHC card).  Coming around the bend is my blank (just pick a number -- but be kind) birthday which totally gives me the right to say "I'm wayyyyy to old to learn a new camera!!!".

I was in the process of setting up this camera to my liking -- when I looked over and saw Sonny D in his normal sleeping position. Now -- normally, I don't have my camera right by my side -- with a flash mounted on top. Luckily -- I did. So now I can surprise Rick with a portrait of our little pinup pup -- Sonny D.

Hmmmmm, I wonder if I make this into a poster -- will it do as well as Farrah's red swimsuit poster?????  I'm thinkin -- HOLA TO RETIREMENT!!!  Oh, slap, slap, slap -- wake up -- just doin a little day-dreamin!

Well, I am smiling a lot more -- now that I have a terrific backup camera (guess that means back to work)!

Have a great day!

[:~? Frances


  1. sweet. a new camera is always fun and exciting. love the doggie picture.

  2. I KNEW you would like the D300s! Funny dog picture.

  3. Oh man, sorry to hear about the camera debacle. Sounds like all has ended well though.

    Love the pin-up! So funny! I hope Rick liked it too!

    Nice to see you posting again, Frances : )


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