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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Summer has Sprung -- I think we missed Spring!

We have two seasons in this area. Summer and Winter. The other two seasons creep out for a day here and there, but basically, it's hot or it's cold.

I think it was less than two weeks ago when we had snow -- today, it was 90 degrees and windy.

But, the good news is that the trees are budding out and it's starting to green up around here!!!!!

As I was walking around the backyard looking for picture opportunities, I noticed this white fluffy nest in the cedar elm tree.  I have no clue who or what it's for.  It sure looks like it beats the twig nest for comfort!

Lola, my chunky monkey dog -- loves being outside!    All the other dogs are very, very domesticated and spoiled.  They prefer soft, fluffy pillows to the grass. 

I shot the picture of Lola wide open at f/2.8 so you can't really make out how tall the weeds are around her.  It looks like I'll be mowing this Friday.

Ok, let's see.  I shot plants, pets and hmmmmmmmmm -- need a people shot.

This is  a shot I took of Rick this evening while we were on the back porch enjoying the evening.  I think he's thinking happy thoughts, or is that annoyed thoughts? 
Here's to things that start with P's -- plants, pets, people, potato chips, pizza, popcorn, pie, pudding. 

Have a great evening!!!

; ~D Frances


  1. 90 degree! Oh my! Not sure I'd want it quite that hot here, even though I am longing for summer. Our temps are in the mid to upper 60's here today which isn't too bad. It's certainly better than 30's.

    Lovely shots as always. Rick looks like a content man. He has kind, yet keen eyes. Like there' s a lot of wisdom behind them.

    Hope all is well Frances!


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I love this picture...What a credit to him you are:) You truely caught everything I love about him...his eyes remind me of my Pop, Thanks:) ~banner

  4. We've had just a taste of summer recently. We actually hit 87 degrees a few days ago which was awesome.

    And the next day it dropped to 65. I'm confident summer will arrive by July, however.


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