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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

F3 22/50 OMG the sun came out for a minute! Setting your diopter

I woke up today feeling like the flu was setting in. Chills, cough, slight temperature, body ache, etc...... I told Rick that I'm blaming it on the lady at Pioneer Restaurant that was sitting in a booth behind us Sunday morning. She must have coughed for five minutes. Aaahhh, she was probably choking on her food -- and I just sat in my seat while she passed out (oh, that's why she stopped coughing!!!!)!

The Advil has kicked in so I feel much better.

Anyhoooooooooooo - the sun came out this morning for ummmmmmmmmmh a few minutes. I grabbed my camera and took a self portrait so I had something to remember the sun by just in case it stays in hiding. Oh, and yes, I had my 50mm lens on the camera body!
It snowed again last night.  As the weatherman stated this morning "we're having one strange winter in Wichita Falls".  I agree!  I can't remember the last me we had so many snowfalls within a 3-month period of time.

 Now, onto setting the diopter on your camera.  I'd done this when I originally got my camera, and hadn't thought about it again.  I ran across this article on Photo Answers and thought maybe it was time to revisit my diopter setting again.  You want to make sure this setting is correct especially if you switch to manual focus.  Me and my camera are still seeing eye to eye (I know -- I should go into comedy) so all is good

I've got my blinds open in my office -- just in case the sun comes back out!  I want to soak in as much of the sun's rays as possible.

Have a great day!

;~D  Frances

1 comment:

  1. Glad to hear a little sunshine has come your way Frances! There's nothing worse than grey days, day after day. It can really bring you down.

    Weird winter in Texas thats for sure!


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