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Monday, February 1, 2010

Donating Platelets Day at the American Red Cross NT Chapter

Hola and happy Monday!

Today was my platelet donation day at the North Texas Chapter of the American Red Cross office here in Wichita Falls, Texas. So-I thought I'd take you along for the ride!

I've been doing this for a number of years (maybe five years or so). Why, I do such a good job at donating platelets that they've given me an A+. Or is that my blood type?????

Anyhoo, I started out donating blood, and then one of the ladies there suggested I try platelets. Well, let me tell you -- other than the time involved -- I like it a whole lot better!

I feel like a rock star at a spa whenever I go! I mean, they wrap me up in warm electric blankets, bring me drinks (non-alcoholic of course), and snacks whenever I hollah --  why, they even provide me with a tv to watch and a computer to surf the internet with! I get so cozy that I hate to leave!!!!!

I can splain it so much better in pictures. Now please remember, some of these were taken with one hand - my left hand (try that someday)!!!

Making sure my iron count is good

Got my computer, tv, and heated blankets going!

Marion "Trouble" Robinson and Jan Lucas chatting it up!

Marion and I are ready for the beverage cart!

Nothing like a bubbly coke to wake you up!/Almost finished!

All done!  L picture - blood being sent back and plasma.  R top - blood sent back. R bottom -- there's my platelets!

Well, I hope I've inspired you  to get out and donate blood or platelets.  It's an easy way that you can help others who are going through some tough health issues.  If you can pump an inflated ball every five seconds, lay on a cozy bed and watch tv or play on a computer, you can do this!!!  Now get out there and head to your local Red Cross Chapter and sign up!!!

To learn more about donating platelets, check out the American Red Cross' website.

I need to give a shout out to the lovely and evah so patient ladies at the ARC -- thank you Ashley, Jan, Jennifer, and Kim  for making the donation process easy!

Have a great Monday ya'll!

;~D  Frances


  1. January is the National Blood Donation month and it has now ended but the needs of people are not. I hope many will donate and make a difference and be aware of the needs of people.

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  2. Thanks Ashley for taking such good care of me!


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