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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tilt Shift

I was scoping out Vimeo the other day and ran across something that I thought was great fun - Tilt Shift in Photoshop! Tilt shift creates a "miniature" type effect to an image.

So -- after an afternoon of backyard duties (someone's got to pick up after the dogs) -- I decided to look through some photos to see if I had anything that would work.

I finally came across an image taken in Kansas City, Mo last summer.

Click on the image for a larger preview size.

I checked out Youtube -- and there are a number of Tilt Shift tutorials on their website also.

I know this might not have been the best image to try this effect out on - but, you got to dance with the one that brung ya sometimes!  When I'm out and about with my camera, I'll be sure to keep this effect in mind when taking pictures.

OK -- here's your gratuitous dog shot of the day.  It's a new trick I taught Blue -- rollover and play dead!  He's so smart!  Well, I must come clean - Blue's just getting his day old bathed fur dirty (he loves rolling around in the yard).  Makes me wonder why I bathe them at all!

Have a great Wednesday!

;~D Frances


  1. i love tilt shift photography and only tried it once. i need to do more of it. great photos you have here.

  2. That is the most awesome thing reminds me of images that I have seen taken with a lensbaby ( am going to have to check that out, thanks for the info!

  3. Maybe Blue doesn't like the smell of the shampoo you use ... too girly. He'd rather smell like a man's dog. LOL!

    I have an older version of Photoshop so I doubt it even has tilt shift. However, I'll have to take a look. Interesting effect Frances! Somehow I dont think I will ever figure Photoshop out completely.

  4. Thanks Valerie!

    Kym - I used to have a lensbaby and loved it. They have the composer lens now, which looks like it would be easier to use than the old lensbaby I had. But hey, Photoshop works great too!

    Sharon -- I think your right about the shampoo! I think next round I'll find an unscented shampoo and see if he still rolls around in the dirt! That or get some Old Spice and splash it on him! On Photoshop -- I subscribe to National Association of Photoshop Professionals -- I learned alot from their website and their magazine. I'm not sure anyone ever figures it out completely, it's just one amazing program, with lots of bells and whistles!


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