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Friday, January 1, 2010

Day One

We enjoyed the first day of the year doing absolutely nothing! We were just playing it by ear -- all day long.

We of course made some black eyed peas just to ensure good luck throughout the year! That was probably the most work I did all day long -- rinsing the black eyed peas. Whew, almost got a cramp in my fingers rinsing the peas!

Rick did take me out for a little drive -- and to check out the roof top at BYSP. While on the roof, I snapped a couple shots of the Christmas lights on the roof's edge.

These poor lights have seen better days. 
notice the flag in the top of the bulb

And finally ........

Here's a picture my little sister Pamela emailed me -- a blast from Christmas past!

Have a great week -- ;~D Frances

Barbara, Pamela and me (gosh, my hair style hasn't changed much)

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  1. Happy New Year! Many you have a blessed one at that! I spent the afternoon with my parents and cousins eating black eye peas as well!


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