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Monday, December 7, 2009

Wichita Falls Children's Portraits | The Lusters

Call me a weenie! But hey - I admit, I can't take the cold. It's 27 degrees right now -- and my tootsies are cold. Sure, I could put on some socks or slippers -- but I'd have to move away from the computer to do that!

I need to give a shout out "THANK YOU" to Kathy and Derek for inviting us to the First Baptist Church of Wichita Falls' North Texas Christmas Spectacular and their home after the program! The featured guest this year was Sandi Patty!

One word -- WOW! She has an amazing, powerful voice! We are blown away year after year by FBCWF with their beautiful and "Spectacular" programs. Their programs are top notch -- and gets your Christmas started on the right foot!

If you haven't seen one of their Christmas programs -- I suggest you make plans to see it next year.

Ok -- on to the pictures. Here are the final pictures of the cuddly, bubbly Luster kids that I shot a couple of days ago. The Luster's are a happy bunch and a joy to shoot!

Have a great week!

;~'} Frances





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