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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

SAFB Tower Tour Part Une

As the computer police would say "Ma'am -- step away from the computer, step away from the computer"!

Yep, I need to stretch my legs and get a breath of fresh, freezing cold air. I just spoke to Rick and he said the temperature outside was warming up -- it was finally up to 32 degrees. I'm glad I waited until the day warmed up before venturing out!!!!

Before I head out -- I'd like for ya'll to see a couple of shots I took yesterday during the Wichita Falls Aviation Safety Club's tour of SAFB's tower and control center (not sure if I said that right).

My friends Elizabeth and John Hawley were kind enough to treat me to lunch and to let me tag along with them for this tour. It was really neat getting to see all the bells and whistles in the tower and control center.

Well -- need to quit lolly gagging -- and head outdoors!

Have a safe, warm evening!

;~'} Frances

Elizabeth looking through the extra large binocs!

I used one of the png files (picture) from the CoffeShop Photography  polaroid emulsion kit on this photo (plus a couple of other textures).


  1. Salut! Tres Bien, mes ami !!

  2. Merci beaucoup! Mon ami!!!

    Merry Christmas!!!!!


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