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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Art for my sake!

I hate leaving the house when it gets cold. Guess I'm showing signs of wear, tear and old age -- I can remember as a child, we'd play for hours outside in the deep snow and frigid temperatures, and it never seemed to bother me at all.

I went outside yesterday afternoon to throw out some trash and noticed that the clouds were amazing.  So -- I ran back inside, grabbed my camera and got off a few shots before my fingers numbed out on me.

This is what the sky really looked like --

But, in my mind's eye, this is what it looked and felt like!

Huge difference, huh?  Drama queen, sure. Anyhoo,I used a number of textures (from Shadowhouse Creations), plus one of the .png files from the CoffeeShop Photography's polaroid emulsion kit.  The birds are courtesy of Shadowhouse Creations' - bird brushes.

If you haven't been to these sites -- please click on the links and check these artists out.  They devote a lot of time and talent to their art -- and are kind enough to provide free downloads.

What that?  Rats -- the ironing board is calling my name.  Got to step away from the computer and get to some chores.


:~'} Frances

1 comment:

  1. Frances-
    I absolutely love this!!
    Love you!


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